winners will represent them at the European Parliam

ament for the next five years. Each country gets certain seats based on proportional representation and chooses lawmakers based on its own rules. Tian Dewen, a researcher in European Studies at the Chines e Academy of Social Sciences, said that the coming elections are important barometers that reflect Eur opean people’s attitudes toward their own[…]

A recent report by the Beijing Municipal Education

 Commission said that more than 231,000 college students graduated from universities in Beijing last year, but 37.5 percent of employed graduates chose to work outside the capital. A female college student surnamed Zhang said that she chose to w ork in Wuhan, Hubei province, after graduating from Tsinghua University in June, 2018. “The biggest reason[…]

Ren said the current difficulties can spur China to devel

lop the electronics industry in a down-to-earth manner. Pouring in money is not enough to develop the s emiconductor industry. Instead, talent, including mathematicians and physicists, is needed to grow the chip sector. “Global talent is also needed. It is very difficult to rely solely on China’s independ ent innovation to succeed. Why can’t we[…]

it has long been prepared for the “extreme scenario” of the US blo

access to some components and technologies. “We have been developing backup products for years in anticipat ion. … Such efforts can ensure the strategic safety of most of the company’s products an d a continuous supply of most products,” said HiSilicon President He Tingbo in an internal letter. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at[…]

Moreover, the guideline stressed the significance of impr

oving internet access in rural areas in poverty alleviation and called for enhanced inform ation sharing to promote urban-rural integrated development.The Port of Dunkerque in Fra nce would seize the opportunities presented by China’s Belt and Road Initiative to boost trade between the two nati ons, authorities said on the Seventh Dunkerque Port Night on[…]

attracting talents and capital. This in turn prompts the autho

rities to introduce more favorable policies and regulations for the enterprises bas ed in the US, which is essentially a combination of representative democracy and market econ omy. Under such circumstances, how can the US promote sustainable reindustrialization? Besides, reindustrialization is not possible without rebuilding or strengthen ing infrastructure facilities. And although the US leader[…]